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At Verger Labonté, we believe in sustainable agriculture, which, according to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, is defined as a world in which nutritive food is available to all and natural resources are managed equitably and in such a way that every ecosystem is preserved in order to provide for the present and future needs of humanity.


We believe that in this world, balance between every living organism is primordial. In order to feed itself, the human being produces, among others, fruits and vegetables directly from the ground.


Verger Labonté believes it is possible to produce high-quality fruits all the while respecting insects and microorganisms which, as small as they may be, are vital to our existence.


Since the orchard’s very beginnings, the founders have made a considerable effort towards keeping an adequate balance between predatory and destructive insects using different techniques, some natural and some chemical.


In 2003, during my apple-growing beginnings, I was surprised to find out how little information on biological apple-farming actually existed. With great desire to quickly and thoroughly make the orchard eco-friendly, we gladly participated with our counsel club Agropomme, for a few years in research projects allowing us to test different physical methods to control certain insects and enrich the earth. We chose the recommended methods, most of them friendly to the environment, accepting whatever risk this may impose.


Gradually, we modified our approach and from 2014 on, switched to a 100% natural earth fertilization process, eliminating all chemical elements. In 2019, our clients showed a positive and supporting reaction to accepting a certain level of imperfection in our apples following a strong hail storm which affected more than 80% of our harvest. This convinced us to fine tune our process once more and produce, this year, 100% natural, synthetic fertilizer-free apples.


Even though it bears its own share of challenges, we have the greatest pride in our benevolent culture!


We hope you will continue supporting us in producing apples, pumpkins, garlic and even our corn mazes, which are grown 100% naturally, and will gladly welcome our delicious harvests in all their imperfect glory!


Our apples

With more than twenty varieties of apples, you will surely find the one you like.
Sweet, sour, crunchy or juicy, each one will surprise you with its unique taste and aromas.

Récolte_poires_Verger Labonté.jpg

We have a few different varieties of pears and plums available at the shop during season, featuring amongst them are the Beauté Flamande and Anjou pears, as well as the Mirabel plum.

Coming soon: asian pears.

Our Pears


In season, we harbor a great variety of comestible pumpkins and squashes, from the most popular ones, such as the spaghetti squash, to those less known, such as the Galeuse d’Eysine or the Banana pink jumbo, for example.

Our Pumpkins


For four years now, we have cultivated our own, 100% natural garlic.

In addition to its health benefits, Québec garlic, which is subject to less temperature variations than those from elsewhere, boasts a longer conservation period.

Our Garlic

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