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Field Farm

Are your mazes open this year? 

Yes, our labyrinths will be open as of Thursday, August 6, 2020, every weekday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and weekends, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. It is important to be in the orchard before 3 p.m. to be able to access this activity.  


Do we have to make a reservation for the activities?

Considering the exceptional situation with COVID, online reservations are strongly recommended to ensure a place at your activity as well as to help us manage crowds and staff. Without a reservation, you may be refused access to the orchard.  


Can I bring my stroller to the orchard? 

It is possible to bring your stroller for the picking, on the other hand, it cannot be used in the labyrinths given the too bumpy and narrow paths. It is strongly recommended to provide a baby carrier for the labyrinth activity.

Is it possible to go apple picking?

Apple picking will be possible as of August 22.  


When is the best time to come visit you? 

The season runs from August 6 to November 8. Each month, the beauty of nature changes with the temperature. For those who prefer to feel a little more "alone", we advise you to come during the week, from Monday to Thursday.  


We used to come and visit your animals for free, is this still possible? 

Despite the new measures put in place for COVID, we have decided to keep the playground and the farmhouse open to the public. However, it will not be possible to enjoy this activity only from Friday to Sunday. We therefore ask you to obtain access to the orchard if you wish to take advantage of this area on weekends.  


Is it possible to bring our picnic, if not, is the bistro open?

Yes, it is possible to bring a picnic, however, the lunch area has been reduced following government recommendations. If you choose to purchase a meal at the Bistro (weekends), it will be possible to eat at a table. Otherwise, we invite you to provide your blanket for a picnic on the ground.  


Is there a maximum traffic capacity on your site? 

Yes. In order to respect social distancing on the site, we had to reduce our reception capacity, as much at the picnic area, at the shop, as in the activity zones. It is therefore mandatory to reserve your place via our online ticket office in order to have access to the activities. We reserve the right to close access to the orchard if the maximum capacity is reached.  

Do I have to wear a mask during my visit?

Masks are mandatory for the purchase of products at the store. On the other hand, for activities, it is not necessary to wear it. We invite you all the same to bring your masks in your bag for access to the shop, the bistro and the indoor toilets.  


Is it possible to come with my dog? 

No. Although we adore animals, it is not possible to come with your dog, neither in the orchard, nor in the labyrinths, nor in the play area and farmhouse. This decision is in line with government sanitation rules. On the other hand, we are an exception during our dog weekend, November 7 and 8, 2020.  

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