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For more than 18 years, the orchard offers groundbreaking themes to captivate young and old with riddle games in the gigantic corn field labyrinths. Through 3 courses adapted to different age groups, you are invited to solve riddles and overcome trials to complete your mission in the corn maze (of ecological culture). Animated by eccentric characters, the labyrinth adventure allows you to deepen your knowledge, enjoy a day in the outdoors and to share an activity with your peers. So, are you ready to take on the challenge!?


Back in August 2023

Labyrinthe mais_Verger Labonté 2020.jpg

2023 : POMANJI



2021 : 1886 London


A trip in time to save the future

This year, Verger Labonté is happening last year, starting tomorrow! Confused? That’s because time travel is this year’s theme. Tired of 2020? You’ll be happy to revisit 2010, to take a peek at 2040, to return to the prehistoric age, or to meet an 18th century fur trapper. But strap on your brain real tight: the temporal convolutions will soon become extremely intricate as you desperately try to save the future!

2019 : Galaxia

A cosmic mission in which you save the galaxy!

Whether it be by learning all about spaceships, participating in a diplomatic mission or by saving a young intergalactic alliance, this season, we are seeing stars!


2018 : Fregates & piracy

An edition which allowed you to develop your pirate traits: courage, perseverance and intuition!
Much courage was required to stalk our mazes, complete the 3 steps to pirate mastery and find the lost treasure! A mission which tasked you with braving the sea of mazes to become a pirate for the king!

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