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Live an experience 100% connected with nature

Verger Labonté
             Organic apples


Verger Labonté is a place of awakening and inspiration which emboldens the link between nature and the human being. Through its eco-friendly approach and immersive natural environment, the orchard offers creative and kind-hearted experiences with the goal of sensibilizing every member of its community to the potential of human consciousness.

Our priority: people at the center of nature.


Benevolent Culture

Proud to offer you
organic apples



An eco-responsible orchard, about awakening to nature, with the goal of learning about the link between people and the environment as well as the link between every one of us.

- Thierry Pasquier, guide, author

The ever-growing orchard

On the move
Orchard Labonté?
Oh yeah !

Life is that for me: move forward, move, try, evolve, fall, get up, learn and grow! So this is also what Verger Labonté is: bouncing back from the trials and challenges that life puts in our way.

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