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August 3rd to November 5th


For more than 20 years, the orchard offers groundbreaking themes to captivate young and old with outdoor riddle games in our giant corn mazes. Through 5 courses adapted to different age groups, you are invited to solve riddles and overcome trials to complete your mission . Animated by eccentric characters, the adventure allows you to deepen your knowledge, enjoy a day in the outdoors and to share an activity with your peers. So, are you ready to take on the challenge!?


Labyrinthe de maïs Verger Labonté 2020.jpg

Welcome to Pomanji!


And you thought it was only a game... you’re now up to your ankles in an Africa-inspired safari of adventures of perils.


Embody one of the game’s avatars and plunge up to your knees in a mission to save Pomanji from a drought.

Will you make it to the end of the saga and shout “Pomanji!” or will you remain up to your neck in danger?

Ankles… knees… neck… In the end, is it possible you might have stepped in quicksand?


Full-scale riddles and brainy logical challenges which are adapted to different age groups will heighten the interplanetary experience of every course in the cornfield and the woodland.

Small maze : Safari Rescue
 For kids 7 years old and under (15 minutes)

The earth is dry, plants disappear, water holes are rare. We must help the animals to migrate towards fertile lands! Associate the footprints to the various animals and you’ll have made the lions proud, you’ll have helped the giraffe hold their head up high, and you’ll have brought a smile to the hyenas’ faces.

Medium maze : The temple of the Banished
Corn maze - Adults and children 7 years and up (45-60 minutes)

Rumor claims that the mysterious Temple of the Banished holds the secret information that will grant Pomanji its lost splendor.
But what could it be? A magic spell? A mythical creature? A legendary potato-peeler?
Only a daring exploration of the temple will reveal it!


Large maze : The Quest of the Diamond

Adults or children accompanied by an adult (60-75 minutes)

Only the magic of the fantasmagorical diamond can bring life back to Pomanji and
nourish its dry soil. But to put your hands on it, you’ll have to scour Pomanji from end to end, from its most arid savannas to its most frigid mountains, from its most impenetrable jungles to its most populous slums.

Investigation game in our woodland

2 differents games   


Expert adventures
(specific ticket)

The lost fragments  EXPERTS COURSE
Game in the woods - Adults or children accompanied by an adult (45 minutes)

No sooner have your collected the diamond than a disaster befalls your group and ruins everything. This is where the skills of your avatar will make themselves useful! Will you discover which characters to use and in what order to accomplish all the tasks that stand between you and your goal? Your grand quest will see you through the different landscapes and biomes of Pomanji

Who killed Rufus LoveJoy?   EXPERTS COURSE
A real challenge for adults in search of an activity where their wits will be put to the test

Those seeking to challenge their skills of deduction and observation without spending hours looking for clues in a maze will be served with this dedicated area in an immersive forest. We’re counting on you to shed some light on this grisly murder!

labyrinthe visite.jpg

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Friday: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Last admission : 3:00 p.m

Saturday and Sunday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Last admission : 5:00 p.m


Access to the 3 corn maze and  
(except the expert course Who Killed Rufus Love Joy and the lost fragments) 

at the site
at the animal farm
at the playground
at the picnic area.
Tractor ride animation (weekend)

Access to the picking area included - bag of apples extra.


Access to the 3 corn mazes
Access to the game Who killed Rufus LoveJoy? 
Access to the game The lost fragments

at the site
at the animal farm
at the playground
at the picnic area.
Tractor ride animation (weekend)

Access to the picking area included - bag of apples extra.


CHILD TICKET (4 to 16 years old)

$ 12.95 + taxes

ADULT TICKET(17 years old and over)

$18,95 + taxes

(recommended activity from 13 years old)


$23.95 + taxes


1 adult & 1 child + 1 bag 10 lbs : $57.08 Taxes included (mazes portion)

1 adult & 2 children + 1 bag 10 lbs: $68.58 Taxes included (mazes portion)

1 adult & 3 children + 1 bag 10 lbs: $80.08 Taxes included (mazes portion)

2 adults & 1 child + 1 bag of 16 lbs: $88.30 Taxes included (mazes portion)

2 adults & 2 children + 1 bag of 16 lbs: $99.80T axes included (mazes portion)
2 adults & 3 children + 1 bag of 16 lbs: $111.80 Taxes included (mazes portion)




In order to plan for the traffic and ensure that you have a place at your selected time slot, online reservations for activities is highly recommanded.  Access being limited, entries exceeding the maximum participant capacity may be refused.


In the event of light rain, the activity is still offered. However, animation and the tractor ride may be cancelled. In case of heavy rain or storms, the activity could be cancelled. 

Tickets are non-transferable, non-refundable. Make sure you choose a date when the weather conditions suit you.

What to bring

  • A reusable water bottle which you will be able to fill up on site to stay hydrated throughout the activity.

  • Comfortable closed shoes without heels, the trails can be bumpy.

  • A baby carrier, since strollers are not admitted inside the labyrinths.

  • Bug spray to avoid annoyance during the course.


When participating in the activities at Verger Labonté, you pledge to respect and adhere to these rules, which are based on the safety and respect of all. Breaking these rules will result in expulsion from the site, no refunds possible.


  • Keep a walking pace, no running.

  • Stay on the trails and don’t take shortcuts through the corn.

  • Do not damage the corn and leaves (they can hurt, like a papercut)

  • Be respectful with the equipment and decor.

A few helpful tips 

  • In case of rain, the activity is still on. However, animation and the tractor ride could be canceled.

Forbidden in the orchard

  • Strollers are not permitted inside the labyrinths. Using a baby carrier is highly recommended.

  • It is forbidden to smoke in the labyrinths and the orchard ground. A smoking space has been prepared in the parking lot.

  • Consumption of drugs and/or alcohol is not permitted.

  • Glass containers and bottles are not permitted in the labyrinths.

  • Pets aren’t allowed inside the labyrinths and orchard grounds. (except during the canine weekend which is planned for the last weekend of the season)

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